Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Site!

Hello...and welcome to my very first blog. It's very dear to me, and I've grown so much since these sweet beginnings.  I now go by Elizabeth Morgan. So much remains true, and so much has developed!

I'm not sure how you found your way here, but I want to help you connect to my new site:


I have a brand new blog, pics and stories to share.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A new blog in the works....

This will be the last blog post on this site.  I am making a new one, to go with my new provider name, Elizabeth Morgan. I wanted a new name and a new blog to help me keep my pathwork focused.

My new straight job has given me this opportunity and I'm grateful for it. True, I have less free time and as a consequence, I see fewer people. But I also don't have to stress out (as much) about money and that is good.  Before this job, I was starting to experience burn-out. Lots of guys trying to bargain for a lower price, less time. I was more than ready for the break.

I am still the same fun-loving, creative, hot nerdy chick who won't judge your desires. I still love entertaining and getting to know new friends by fucking them. ;) 

The new site is here: http://templeofthesacretharlot.blogspot.com/

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's 2012 already?

January is going by in a flash. The holiday rush never really ended...and then today I find out I have Martin Luther King day off, and an opportunity to get some playtime in. It was all I could think about in the shower tonight. A posh hotel room for a night or two, a mini working vacation. Perhaps even a little spa treatment...luxury!

Already so soon, I am trying to do so much. There is work, my other work, my studies and art. I am eating healthier--more organic, less processed foods, and now thinking about walking to work for exercise. It's exciting to have this momentum, though I know it will eventually slow. All the more reason to seize this "new year" energy while it lasts!

I am updating this site, with more to come. Check it out.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

I had my first date in a long while. Since starting my new job, I've laid low--but, oh how I have missed it!  When an opportunity to meet w/ an old friend appeared, I had to seize it. Although busy, my life had been lacking a certain element of excitement, a taste of the taboo.

Now the element of work has nearly left the experience completely, all but the fact of monetary exchange. Even that felt more of a devotional nature.  There was more space of the spiritual to come down. I'd like to think the feeling was shared. It was just the inspiration I needed, a seed of courage to take the next step.

The next step being, to advertise my unique spin, as a sacred harlot. A courtesan of intelligence, wit and grace. Some newly edited pictures, to say the least. Those who just want a quick faceless fuck, who would haggle details, will be left behind without a thought. Maybe if I am bored...but unlikely. I do miss this work, but I am glad to not be living solely off it it. It gives me this extra freedom, to choose how to spend my time.

I work hard, dress casual, and get along with everyone at my new job. It's mostly men, which makes it easier. I have always been "one of the guys" in casual environments. I flirt with the occasional fantasy of discovery leading to steamy office sex, but greatly enjoy my separate circles.

Yes, I admit, I like the money. We may play any number of roles during our time, but the exchange makes it more real--it creates a sort of container of time and space that only exists between the two (or three...) A very real magic that I want to keep making.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Change in Course

This time last Sunday, I was planing a week of hotel stays and networking with other providers, eager to do more, see more people. I had no idea that a simple phone call Monday morning would change all that.

Tuesday, I went on an interview and was given a job offer on the spot. More than that, I ended up training that day and asked to come back tomorrow. Not only is it in my area of expertise, but it's a significant pay raise from my previous straight job. 

It felt so odd, almost surreal, to suddenly have legal employment, that it took most of the week to sink in.

I know that I don't want to give this up entirely. I see this as an opportunity to re-make my image based on what I've learned, and allow myself to be more exclusive. Of course, my schedule will be much different now. I may create a new name, perhaps a new blog.  But never fear, I will keep updating, and post any new links as they are available.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

High Rise, pt 2


Richard, her boss. She was still a tumbled mess on the floor, gripping the glass. Before she could collect herself, he had let himself in, the door shutting causally behind him. His steel-grey hair matched his suit, shaking his head at this hot mess.

"You were doing it again." He grinned, his cock already growing.

"That is why you gave me the office, isn't it?" She sat down, shifting towards him, an after glow of pleasure still hanging over her, a cat-like smile on her face.

He locked the door, taking his time across the office, her office...but she was His. And it was his company, so...His office. It had started out as a game (the best and the worst of them always did!), but this one was different. She was smart, a wonderful asset to the company...and these games seems to inspire her best work. How could he not take that?

"You looked warmed up for me." A fist stuck in her hair, dragging her back up with a moan. She pressed herself against him, already undressing him. She wouldn't speak, only murmur against his skin, working her way up his chest and neck. He felt his belt whipped from his unzipped pants, the garment shoved down. The rest of their clothes were shed like a cocoon, freeing them from their mundane lives for a moment to fly.

His hands against her breast, he pressed her naked flesh against the glass once more. The glass felt cool against her mound, his fingers finding her wet snatch, eager. There was no time at all, he fit himself against her folds and pressed. Maria moaned delightfully, arching up against him while she looked out at the dizzying height. Her breath steamed up the glass. Soon, his hand was in her hair, holding her tight, working her hard and fast.

"I like my pussy all warmed up for me," he crooned darkly in her ear. He was close now, gripping her hips tight against him as he shoved her against the glass. They moaned together as he came, his cock pulsing hotly, her pussy gripping tight like a fist, milking him clean. Resting a moment against the glass, his breath joining hers to fog their favorite window.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacationing in the Mountains

Between all the traveling, re-meeting family I haven't met in ages, and dealing with the prerequisite drama, I hardly had time to go on the internet at all. For months, the internet has been my lifeblood and constant companion.  I had a new appreciation for it while I checked my email for the first time in this sleepy mountain town in new mexico.  I sipped coffee at one of the few cafes in the area that offered wi-fi there.

Riding by train is an adventure in itself. If you have the time to make it part of your trip, it's so much more relaxed than the bustle and restrained chaotic near-panic that is airport security. You end up meeting people along the way. I enjoyed creating variations on a story, while learning about other people. I saw a bear from the train. He had just come to a mountain-side watering hole, and was watching a small group of cows that had wandered far from the rest of their herd. I wonder if he dined on steak that eve....

I only have just begun to unwind out here, and actually feel like I'm on vacation. At the same time, I'm plotting my return to San Francisco and eager to meet with a few more wonderful men. I am reminded how much I love this city, how much I enjoy living my independent life just as I wish, largely without judgment. Funny, but the mask I wore at home felt so much more false than the mask I wear when entertaining. I am not sure when that happened, and would much rather embrace my brazen, sexy healer-whore self than live anything like the lives unfolding back home.

This trip has reminded me how much I love to travel. I hope to do it more often in the future. My show's premiere went quite successful, so I may have to opportunity to take it on the road. Until then, I will relax, and try not to get sunburned.